Monday, December 15, 2008

Unique Shower Ideas

OK I know I know I promised to write more frequently and I FAILED! With being in rehearsals, teching the show, thanksgiving, opening the show, going back to the day job while doing shows, and oh yeah planning the wedding blogging has taken a back seat. Now I have no choice but to overload you with new blogs to catch you up to speed. Buckle your seat belts.

First off our most recent wedding showers. We have been blessed to have had a total of five...count em...five wedding showers this year. I credit this to being from different hometowns and living in a different city than our parental units. Whatever the reason it has been so much fun and we are so thankful to all who attended and certainly to those who hosted.

I journeyed back home to Louisville at the end of October for a Christmas Ornament shower hosted by my cousins Cassie and Brenda Stokes. I have taken to collecting Christmas ornaments since I graduated from places I have traveled, museums I visit and other exciting adventures. Therefore a shower dedicated to the baubles was a perfect fit. We had a wonderful time and I think it made us all excited for the holidays to arrive. Sadly I have very few decent pictures of the event, but here is one I enjoy:
What's that you say? Why am I holding a pickle? In case you didn't know there is an old German tradition to hide a pickle in your Christmas tree and the lucky soul who finds it first wins a prize! I love this.

A few weeks later my dear friend Jenn hosted an unforgettable shower for us here in the Windy City- A Book and Boardgames shower! It was so much fun and such a clever and unique idea. We had it at a neighborhood bar called Guthrie's which houses hundreds of games for people to play while they drink and eat pizza. Which is exactly what we did (when in Rome...)! They rented out the back room and the Chicago wedding contingent joined us for beer, pizza and a rousing game of Apples to Apples (along with a few other varieties). Thankfully we snapped several photos at this one. Here's some eye candy for you....

(from L to R): John, Sara (Hoyer), Sarah (Kinsey), Brigid and Ira have their libations in hand and their game face on.
The game playing begins. Apples to Apples in the best game. Get. Yours. Today.
Meanwhile I take a moment to pose for the camera on the other end of the room. Check out my boots...LOVE them! Katie and LaShawn love them too I think....
LaShawn, Roni and Jess join me in posing. Pity they are all so un-photogenic.
Roni and Rick get in touch with their 2nd grade selves with an intense game of Guess Who?
Jürg and Katie survey their cards in the group Apples to Apples game
More of the group. That's Jenn our lovely host in the glass and her handsome partner-in-crime Mark. Thanks guys!
Jenn is super excited!
There was also some fun gift opening. I let Jürgen do the honors this time. Mackenzie and I are enjoying this apparently.

I have to say both of these showers were an absolute blast, plus very creative and unique ideas. I highly recommend both should you or someone you know be having a shower in the near or not so near future. You can't go wrong with a nice Christmas ornament and who doesn't enjoy a good book or board game?

Thank you to our lovely hosts and our guests!

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